Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Styles :: Cottage Chic

I hope you all have been enjoying the Saturday Styles thread and learning about the different trends and esthetics that people bring to the table. Today's Style is "Cottage Chic", I picture this as being a little beach front place with quaint details, a simple and soothing color palette and a cozy feel.

Here are some of the key details I see

Sun-bleached cedar shakes:

White-washed woods:

Decks with rockers or Adirondak Chairs:

Cool and casual color schemes of blues and greens:

And extra plush spaces, designed for getting cozy with a book:

So what do you think, are you cottage chic? Do you have any beach destinations calling your name this summer, or like me, are you longing to plan a getaway?

Check out the "Saturday Styles :: Cottage Chic" Pinterest board for more inspiration! If you have a suggestion or a style you would like to see further explored, let me know!

Happy Styling!


  1. I love that style! Thats totally my style taste... I love blue and white. My faves and my current color scheme!

  2. I want to move right in!!

    I'm very definitely into cottage chic. I do a mix cottage styles here, except in the Knight's loo... because we're beach lovers at heart.