Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do Play With Your Food

As a kid, you probably heard your mother say, at least once, "don't play with your food!"

Mexican lasagna with a side of fresh guacamole-YUM!

But I am here to say, DO! Do play with your food! Experiment with flavors that you like, and flavor combinations that when you think of them they make your mouth water.

My recent food play led me to create a mexican lasagna. (Which with a little web searching, told me it wasn't really that innovative...) Here's what I did:

I cooked up a can of lean ground beef with some taco seasoning, and once it was all browned up, I added a can of refried beans and stirred them together for my meat layer.

For the sauce I used canned diced tomatoes with green chilies, and mixed in some enchilada sauce.

Here are the layers:

The layers, all stacked up.

1. A layer of the sauce to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.
2. Corn tortillas
3. Protein layer (meat & bean combo)
4. Spinach
5. Sprinkle Cheese mixture (I used Trader Joe's Soy Cheese Blend)
Repeat these 5 layers until the pan is full finishing with a layer sauce and cheese.

Pop it into the oven and bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes (you are really just warming it up and melting the cheese.), and here is your finished product:

Bon App├ętit!

Whip up some guac to accompany the dish, and enjoy! (Best of all this meal is entirely gluten-free and dairy-free!)

Happy eating!

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  1. I'm making that on Sunday. The Knight loves lasagna and we both love Mexican!