Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspired Colors :: Lodge Style

This is going to be the last post from the trip... I know, I have really spread it out, and shared a lot of different elements of our time in Montana, but it really was just so beautiful and so inspiring.

So here are some color schemes I created based off of images from the trip. You can use these schemes for your lodge home, or wherever they speak to you. All of the colors are Benjamin Moore, however this is not an endorsed post. (I just love their colors.)

The first scheme is based off the glaciers:

This is really two color schemes, from Dakota Shadow to Baby's Breath or from Baby's Breath to Holiday Wreath. This is a very earthy set of colors, inspired by all of the water, the trees, and the layers of rock and snow on the glacier. There is a good range of colors here to have your baselines and your accents.

The second color scheme is based on the Prairie from the Bison Range (Also such an incredible experience):

I included the colors of the flowers and grasses here as well as some colors from the antelopes' fur. I love the shape of his (or her?) antlers and how they almost form a heart. This color scheme again could be applied in your lodge home or wherever you feel it speaks to you. You could break this into multiple schemes or use the three shades of browns on the left and mix in one or two of the colors on the right to make it your own.

What do you think? Do you use the images from your trips or beautiful things that you see to create color schemes? I cannot wait to have a place of our own that I can paint the walls and really apply some of this inspiration!

Happy scheming, and happy inspiration!


  1. Love the first set of colors. It's not unlike the plan for our great room. And yes, nature inspires me for color and more!

  2. Krystle, i LOVE this idea! I have never thought of creating a color scheme based on a specific place that i love. That said, Glacier is one of my favorite places on earth, I absolutely love the colors that you put together. I always gravitate towards blues, and I am getting ready to remodel our bathroom, and you have truly inspired me. I also have a really neat print of Mount Rainier that i need may just make its appearance in our bathroom.
    ~Jess B