Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Styles :: Lodge

Inspired by our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest and Montana, I thought I would do a little Saturday Styles post on Lodge decor and share some of the photos from our trip and where we stayed, as well as some key elements in lodge decor.

One of the breathtaking views in Glacier National Park

We were lucky enough to stay overnight at the Grouse Mountain Lodge after a day of exploring and hiking the glaciers in Glacier National Park.

A few images from the Grouse Mountain Lodge. 

Key elements of the design include color-schemes, patterns and textures inspired by nature. In this design space you are really in the outdoors, and the goal is to let your space reflect that natural setting so take cues from what you see outside your windows.

Here are some great examples of letting the wilderness around you guide your design decisions in a lodge setting:

The windows are the center of this space. surrounded by exposed wood and masonry walls.

Exposed rafters and the fireplace cozy up this lodge bedroom.

Eat-in kitchen with a modern lodge twist.

Quintessential lodge living room.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the rustic and nature inspired elements that create the warmth and coziness of the lodge style? Can't get enough lodge style? Check out our coordinating Pinterest board for more on this area.

Happy Styling!

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