Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion :: Interiors, Layering

Today I layered my colors and accessories in my wardrobe, creating what I found to be a fun work-day ensemble.

Orange dress, navy cotton blazer & hand-knit lime shawl.

The idea of layering is not a new one. Not in fashion. Not in interiors. But it is something that people still have a hard time with. And I promise it is not difficult!

On Pinterest, my most pinned image is one of a shelf filled with art, that slightly overlaps, adding a dimensional element and enhancing the focal point.

Bookshelves, mantles, entry tables, sideboards, and more. Layer these spaces with books, art, sculptures, etc. It isn't going to happen overnight, and don't expect it to. Add trinkets from your life and your travels. Test the arrangements, re-arrange the pieces to find what stylistically speaks to you.

Add bold pops of color! They do not have to be in your existing color scheme!

Play with your art, and accessories. Layer colors and textures. And have fun!

Do you have great layering styles in what you wear or where you live? As always, check out the coordinating pinterest board.

Happy Layering!

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  1. Neat idea. I have not layered in decorating, but it looks appealing.