Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glorious Galleries

I dream of having walls that I can hammer a nail into! I want to hang art, beautiful art. And I want to frame pictures, in a variety of sizes and assemble them into a beautiful gallery wall of friends, family and great vacation memories. My own gallery walls.

If you look at interior design magazines, or you seek inspiration from other design blogs, I'm sure you have seen or heard of gallery walls before. But let's go over it.

Beach-y-keen gallery wall.
What is a gallery wall? Well, in a gallery, it is a large wall, often of plain white paint, featuring one or many works of a particular artist or a particular style of art work.

How does this translate to your home? You can translate it in so many ways. You can take a focal wall, and add one large piece of art work to that wall, or you can take a particularly awkward wall that you aren't sure what to do with it, and make it a feature for a collection of prints or images.

This gallery wall features lovely works of art, and colors that all speak to each other.

How do you decide what to put into your gallery wall installation? It is all personal preference. Some will do a focal wall of images of their children, some will do a mix of drawings or paintings. But I like the idea of mixing an matching. Have the wall be a display of art you love. You can keep it consistent with the frames.

I love the idea of taking a framed print of an abstract line drawing, mixed with a framed quote that you love, and some black and white close ups of your family. Mix in a few scenic views from some wonderful trips, and you will have a wall that is sure to draw the attention of guests while making you smile every time you stroll by.

Great mix of photos, art, and sculptural elements in this family-themed gallery wall.

So, do you have any plans to create a gallery wall in your space? What theme do you think you will use, or do you think you would just like to have one great work of art on a focal wall?

Happy hunting for art!


  1. we have random single pieces of art all over. I used to have a gallery wall - but no more. Love the family/photos/quotes and stuff wall. Would like to do something similar in the downstairs stair landing - with lots of frames on the wall. g

  2. We have a family photo gallery wall in the great room. I would love to mix in a quote or a big block word/letter... Hmmm...