Monday, August 12, 2013

Lovely Spaces

I want to start a new post around here. With Pinterest and Houzz, there are some pictures of some truly great spaces around. What I want to do is pick a space, talk about all the things we love about it and offer tips for how to incorporate some of these lovely elements into our own spaces.

But, I need your help! I can pick spaces galore that speak to me, however, I want to use images of spaces that speak to you! So click on over to the side on the email button and send me an image that you love with a brief summary of what you love about it.

I'll go first. Here is a really great bedroom, with great colors and textures:

As seen on Pinterest, from Oh Joy Blog.

What I love about it:
How light and bright it feels.
The layered textures, the raw wood of the bed frame and bench mixed with the rug; the hide across the bench, the basket and the linens.
I love the dark wall color and the art on the headboard wall.
I love the white chair next to the closet door that blends so seamlessly in with the wall that you barely even notice it.
Mostly, I love how it all flows and feels very nature-inspired!

Send in a picture of a space that you love and let's talk about it!

Happy hunting for spaces!

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  1. That's right up my alley, except I won't ever be able to have an nimal skin - faux or not - in the house with my great hunters. They have enough angst over squirrels and deer in the yard!