Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to Work-Wear

There is much debate among friends right now as to whether or not we have just had our last weekend of summer. Technically, we didn't. But traditionally speaking, Labor Day weekend was the last weekend of the summer vacation for before the school year starts back up.

To bare shoulders or not to bare shoulders, that is the question.

That said, I guess you can look at it either way, but I want to look at it from a perspective of 'What to wear to work'. We are transitioning to fall, but here in the Tri-state area, it is still muggy and humid. It's not quite time for the layers and the coziness of fall.

This summer, I have thoroughly enjoyed dressing for work everyday. Adding bright pops of color, fun accessories, etc. There's only one question: Where do we stand on baring your shoulders at work?

I was raised to believe that this is pretty much never acceptable in the work environment. But I have to say, my boss bares her shoulders practically every day, which sets the precedent that it should be acceptable at my place of employment, and I have followed suit. Don't freak out mom, I barely wore anything that left me with bare shoulders.

So where do you stand? For me, it depends on where you work. How casual or professional the work environment is. It depends on the weather, are you going to be sweating bullets if you pull on a thin cardigan to cover your shoulders? Does your office blast the air conditioning, forcing you to layer up like it's fall or winter in the middle of August?

I think that there is a time and place for it. So I will leave it up to you to decide, but please, if you bare your shoulders at work, class it up and don't wear spaghetti straps.

I think we have three weeks left of summer. Let's enjoy them! Dress to fit into your work environment. The most important thing about your work attire is that you feel confident in what you are wearing.

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  1. It's funny... I never bared my shoulders outside of a sports uniform until recently. As I type, I am wearing a silk shell, because when I left the house at 8am, it was already over 70 with humidity even higher. My work AC stinks, so...

    I bare what I can. But I also work in a very casual - VERY - office.

  2. I think that's the problem, some people, when you give them an inch will bear their entire arm, shoulder and back. I had this convo with my boss a week or so ago as I had on a sleeveless dress with a cardi over it. My armholes came right out to my arm joint like your navy sleeveless top (and how does that skirt still fit you?). Anyway - she said that was okay as were cap sleeves, but anything cut in was not.