Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Photo Fun

The other day, P & I went downtown in the city we are looking at moving to, and after looking at places, we had a little photo shoot for one of my finished knits!

It was so fun, and such a gorgeous early fall day. The sun was shining, the view was stunning, and I was spending the day with my love. All adding up to one happy gal!

So here are the details:

The pattern: Lazy Katy (a gorgeous asymmetrical shawl pattern)
The Yarn and Needles: I'm so bad at keeping track of this, so I'm not sure, and I suppose it doesn't help much to say I love the coloration of the main yarn, and the gauge is lovely if I don't know how I made it that way.

I did run out of the main yarn together, so I used not one leftover bit, but two to finish the lace border.

I especially love the fun and asymmetrical shape of the shawl. I tend to wear my shawls backwards--more like a bunched up scarf around the neck, and this asymmetrical shape wraps and layers perfectly.

What do you think? Have you finished any projects lately? How are you starting to layer up for fall?

Hope you are all enjoy the season change! Happy Fall!


  1. ravelry, ravelry, ravelry!! It's yarn you bought in Mystic. Maybe a local (to CT) indy dyer. Don't know what you used for needles and um - might have been nice to show us the shape of the shawl!! g