Monday, September 16, 2013

Library Lovin'

Now that the school year is well underway for everyone, it is back to the books. Time to get to the library!

I just love libraries. I didn't always. When I was a kid, I only read if I had to-- I would much rather have played outside. But now, there is nothing quite like a good book, and there is nothing quite like the smell of an old book. (Did that just cross the line to weird there?)

Still, library designs are pretty straight forward right? Rows of shelving, piled high with books. Quiet and clean spaces. Fairly simple right? Wrong! Some of my favorite architectural buildings are libraries! 

Of course there is the classic structure of the New York Public Library:

NYPL Exterior with "Fortitude" Lion.

"Patience" Lion sculpture outside NYPL.

NYPL interior photo of workspaces, photo by Jonathan Blanc.

The Seattle Public Library is by far my favorite. The use of line, shape, form and function that combine here create an incredible structure.

Exterior Image of the SPL glowing at night.

A look up at the curtain walls of the SPL from our last visit.

SPL interior space with the light and shadow.

The other kind of library is the home library. The spaces that have wall to wall built in shelving units filled with varies written works. Here are some home library spaces I dream of:

This naturally schemed office is bright with a wall of windows, and anchored with a wall of books.

Implementing this DIY shelf adds a library niche to any space.

Have you spent a lot of time in your local library lately? Do you ever go check out books? What has everyone reading lately? I have gotten quite a few great recommendations lately, and the list is getting lengthy but there is always room for more!

Happy reading!

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  1. I used to love our public library. I spent a lot of time there as a child. And I spent a lot of time in the libraries in high school and college. But now, I find our local library less than accessible (its hours and mine don't mesh). The current building is nice, but I prefer the former location, which is now the home of the local historical society.