Sunday, September 22, 2013

Officially Fall

Fall is officially here. My favorite season--I love everything about it. Next fall we will be getting married! Fall is colorful, it's cozy, it's layering up and getting textural. Layering up in your home, and in your wardrobe. For me, fall is all love.

Are you planning to paint a room this season? Now that the humidity is gone, it is great timing for keeping the windows open and let the space dry out and breathe as you transition.

If you are looking for color that feels cozy enough for fall, but will outlast the seasonal trends, check out some of these colors. I am digging colors with depth that are a little darker and a little more cozy. Don't shy away from these deep colors, they can pull your room together without making it feel small.

Check out these deep greens:

Webster Green HC-130
Fairmont Green HC-127
Courtyard Green 546

Try these inky blues:

Stunning 826
Blue Heron 832
Blue Nova 825

And for something a little less committed, try these shades of "greige" (gray-beiges):

Raccoon Hollow 978
Gettysburg Gray HC-107
Shale 861
Coastal Fog AC-1

Are you celebrating the fall transition today? I'm off to a yoga session practicing 108 sun salutations to welcome the season. I'm excited, and I think it will be a good way to transition mentally and emotionally with all of the change we are going through-- though I'm fearful that I won't make it home after. Wish me luck!

Happy fall, happy painting. And whether in season, work, or life, happy transitioning!

(All paint chips in this post are Benjamin Moore. This is not a sponsored post.)

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  1. How 'bout any and all of 'em?! I'd love to re-do our bedroom in such a palette. So cool and earthy...

    But no, no celebrations here. I think you are aware that I'm packing away my relatively new-found favorite handbag and I don't know which old not-so-beloved bag I'll use instead.