Friday, September 20, 2013

Seasonal Trend Obsessions :: Fall

The Fall Season is coming, and there is a lot to love! (And I’m obsessed!) I want to share the great trends I’m seeing from shoes, to nail polish colors and great fall flavors. Are you celebrating the season already, or does it remain summer in your mind until Sunday?

Fabulous Fall Booties! 

First of all, I have to admit, I’m a little late on this one... booties. And again, I must admit, I am obsessed. I picked up my first pair on clearance a while back, they are the most adorable little-suede booties with a tassel zipper pull in a light tan. When I purchased them, I still wasn’t really sold on how to style them, but now, I wear them with everything. Then the fall trends started this year, and there were so many amazing bootie styles. I picked up these booties about a month ago, when they arrived, the leather was so soft, and the color so perfect that I wanted to kiss the creators.

Simple & Chick black booties.
I have so many outfits planned to pair with them for fall and even going into winter. Not to mention I love them so much, I will be wearing them year round! Finally, I decided that two pairs of brown booties was a little lopsided, so I was on the hunt for a black pair. These ones are perfect. They are simple and chic with a stacked heel. And again, I will be wearing the heck out of them. Lastly I ordered a pair of hunter green suede flats adorned with gold detailing on the toe. What’s not to love?! My fall fashion budget has been spent entirely on shoes, and I am okay with that. Where did you spend yours?

Amazing flats for fall.

Next up, nail polish. For those of you that have been reading for some time, you know, I love a good nail polish. Right now I am loving "Emerald" by Revlon (it’s on my toes as we speak). Vested Interest by Essie is a good fall polish color, it is a soft blue-green but has great gray depth. “It’s all San Andreas’s Fault” by Opi is a great nude/neutral that feels good for Fall, and then some, but I'm not loving the "wet sand" texture of it, so I'm on the hunt for a similar shade in something smooth. And in my opinion, you can't go wrong with a good shade of purple-y gray for fall and Essie's "Smokin' Hot" is perfect!

Clockwise from top left: "Smokin' Hot" and "Vested Interest" by Essie, "San Andreas' Fault" by OPI, and "Emerald" by Revlon, on my toes.

Curious about what fall flavors we love? Pumpkin everything, of course! I’m also starting to get the itch to bake. Cozy coffee cakes, and pumpkin muffins… yum.

This gluten-free, dairy-free coffee cake was a big hit!

So tell me, what are you obsessed with this season? Have you blown the budget on fall fashion, polish or other goodies?

Check back for fall paint colors as we officially welcome fall this Sunday. Happy Fall!

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  1. Pumpkin, pumpkin, PUMPKIN!

    I do love booties and flats too, but I don't think I have a fall fashion budget right now.