Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Color Week :: Fall Fashion

For fashion colors, I use Pantone as a go to source. Well Pantone, and some of my favorite fashion bloggers. But let's focus on Pantone for the purposes of this post.

Each Spring and Fall, Pantone releases a fashion color report with sketches from some great designers in the chosen hues. I love to see the sketches, almost more than I enjoy seeing the colors revealed.

This season there is a good mix of deep earth tones and jewel tones. The chosen colors are all of the more intense and saturated variety, with only a few subdued tones to anchor the palette. Take a look at some of the looks I love from this reveal!

The Vivacious in Tadashi Shoji's Design:

The Deep Lichen Green in Pamella Devos' Design:

The Koi in Bibhu Mohapatra's Design:

The Linden Green and Turbulance in Herve Leger's Design:

But my favorite has to be Charlotte Ronson's combination of Emerald, Acai and Mykonos Blue in her design:

What do you think? Do you love the colors in fashion this season? Be sure to look for clothing items that you feel good in. Colors that give you confidence or make you feel sexy when you wear them are more likely to become staples in your wardrobe, as they should!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Love the colors - even the splash of orange. Now that I'm VERY casual for work, I'm even more grateful for color!