Thursday, October 17, 2013

Color Week :: Opposites Attract

Bold blue and orange complementary scheme. 
One of my favorite rules of color is that of complementary colors. You can create a sharp look with stunning visual appeal. 

So what are complementary colors? They are the colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel. They are contrasting. If you use them in equally intense hues, they can make you go cross-eyed.

Notice the differing shades of each hue:
All of the shades of red, complement the shades of green.

But the beauty with a complementary color scheme is that you can use any gradation of the two colors opposite each other. Have fun with it! Play around. Choose which complementary colors you would like to play with and then branch out. 

Soft and serene green and red color scheme. 

What do I mean? The most basic complements are red and green, orange and blue, and yellow and purple. Choose one shade on one side of the complement pair, and then use the whole range of the other color to find the right intensities for you and for your space.

Vibrant plum and mustard color scheme. 

On a random side note, I have unintentionally been dressing in coordination with Color Week. Tuesday, I wore the cutest achromatic ensemble, and today I wore an orange gingham shirt and dark denim jeans with cognac booties. Color is my fave.

Happy Schemin'.

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  1. I'm too tired to scheme right now, but I'm pretty excited about my blue and pink boots. Does that count?