Saturday, October 12, 2013

Perfectly Picked :: Fall Plaids

Plaids are in in a big way this season--and I can even see them carrying through winter, and then brightening and softening up and staying trendy through the spring!

If you are loving plaid, and you are looking for ways to incorporate it in your home as a cozy accent, here are some suggestions:

Incorporate a bold color & cozy feel by adding a layer of plaid to your dining table

Add fall depth to your front porch with a plaid throw and some fall gourds.

These soft blue and cream plaids add a cozy chic look to this seating area.

And for the wardrobe:

Love this scrunched-up plaid scarf!

Plaid shirts for days.

How 'bout a plaid pant to jazz up your look?

What do you think? Are you loving plaids more for your home or your wardrobe? Do you have any plaids that you have incorporated already?

Happy plaid hunting!

1 comment:

  1. I've had "black watch" -ish plaid pants in a Loft cart for probably about a month now. I just can't do it. Number one... I just can't. Number two... a friend 2 years younger than me (so yeah, we're both over 40) announced at book SHE is too old to wear print pants anymore.

    She's so chic, in a lovely, horse-country, preppy kinda' way.