Friday, November 8, 2013

Say Hello! {link-up}

I'm participating in a one day link-up sponsored by the The Every Day Joys!

The Questions:
1. What is your morning routine?
My morning routine changes depending on which alarm I wake up to. The goal is to wake up early enough to get out and walk/jog 2 miles, shower, put myself together, grab breakfast and hit the road... but sometimes the first step gets left out!

2. Are you on Instagram? What's your username, and who are your 3 favorite IGers?
I am on Instagram, you can find me "designbykrystle" & check out what I share there! My three favorite IGers are AP (lvdmorethncrrts) from I love you more than carrots, "AndiEaton" of OuiWeGirl, and "homeontherunway" for great Interior inspiration.

3. Tell us 1-3 of your daily "must-read" blogs.
I always read ChanKnits, I check in with GMarieSews and I check in with fashion blogger MyStylePill a lot too. But I am looking for new blogs every day, and trying to find more time to read!

4. Tell us a little bit about you & your family.
My family is one of those crazy families with lots of branches in our family tree. I am blessed with three loving parents, my mom, my dad, and my step dad; and one beautiful sister. And now that P and I are planning our wedding our family grows even more! Lucky for us, our family is scattered between Washington, Montana, New York, New Jersey, and the Carolinas, so we get to visit a lot of great people in a lot of great places!

5. What are your favorite holiday traditions?
My favorite favorite holiday tradition is hand-made Christmas. We don't celebrate the consumerism that Christmas has become, but instead we pour love into our gifts and make them for our closes family and friends.

6. Tell us one random fact about you, make it fun!
Oy, a random fact?! I may be a little obsessed with nail polish. I polish my nails at least once a week, in a different shade, and I own more nail polish than any one person should!

Thanks Laura for hosting a fun link up! Can't wait to check out your blog and see what new bloggers I can find!

I am thankful for being a part of such a wonderful blogger community!

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  1. I'm with you on the bail polish thing! I have over 50 colors and polish at least once every 4-5 days:)

  2. Hi Krystle. Popping in from Laura's linkup :) I'm with you on the nail polish. I buy all my makeup from elf cosmetics & have most if not all of theirs. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. Fun post. I love your family's handmade Christmas tradition too. I wish my family (inlaws!) would agree to the same.