Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transitional Design

Since I started studying design, I have always had a passion for kitchen and bathroom design. There are certain things about these spaces that restrict you to designing within the rules. This is part of what I love. I love that within these rules, you can still be so creative, and find a way to create a different space for each user.

Being able to help my clients, in any part of their home, and especially these challenging and high-impact spaces, is a wonderful experience. No two people have exactly the same design style, even if they describe it the same way, they can see it differently. Helping people to be able to describe their style and discover what they are looking for from their space is a great process. Then being able to create that space that they've been looking for is really a great experience.

About four months ago, I was lucky enough to be able to find a position as a bathroom design consultant at a showroom in New Jersey. Accepting this position was a no brainer really. It is a great opportunity to advance in my career, while helping work with people to create a unique space for them in one of the most important areas of their home.

P has recently found a new job as well, and we are working through the move from one tri-state, to another. We are going to be closer to his family (extremely close, as we are moving in until we find a place!), closer to his childhood stomping grounds, and still within a reasonable distance to all of my friends and clients in CT.

Now that you know, I hope you can understand that with this transition, there are a lot of moving parts. As we close the chapter on our time living in Connecticut, and move forward to see where this next chapter takes us, there are a lot of elements a play. At times, these things will come between me and my computer, and I won't be able to post. But fear not, we are looking for a new home with dedicated office space, so soon enough we will be back on track with everything and creating our new rhythm.

I'm so excited to be able to share this transition with you all, and document the trials and tribulations of moving to a new place, and all of the things that come along. I am also very excited to find our first home, and be able to share the steps that we take to make it our own.

Thanks for tagging along for the ride. Happy transitioning!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glorious Galleries

I dream of having walls that I can hammer a nail into! I want to hang art, beautiful art. And I want to frame pictures, in a variety of sizes and assemble them into a beautiful gallery wall of friends, family and great vacation memories. My own gallery walls.

If you look at interior design magazines, or you seek inspiration from other design blogs, I'm sure you have seen or heard of gallery walls before. But let's go over it.

Beach-y-keen gallery wall.
What is a gallery wall? Well, in a gallery, it is a large wall, often of plain white paint, featuring one or many works of a particular artist or a particular style of art work.

How does this translate to your home? You can translate it in so many ways. You can take a focal wall, and add one large piece of art work to that wall, or you can take a particularly awkward wall that you aren't sure what to do with it, and make it a feature for a collection of prints or images.

This gallery wall features lovely works of art, and colors that all speak to each other.

How do you decide what to put into your gallery wall installation? It is all personal preference. Some will do a focal wall of images of their children, some will do a mix of drawings or paintings. But I like the idea of mixing an matching. Have the wall be a display of art you love. You can keep it consistent with the frames.

I love the idea of taking a framed print of an abstract line drawing, mixed with a framed quote that you love, and some black and white close ups of your family. Mix in a few scenic views from some wonderful trips, and you will have a wall that is sure to draw the attention of guests while making you smile every time you stroll by.

Great mix of photos, art, and sculptural elements in this family-themed gallery wall.

So, do you have any plans to create a gallery wall in your space? What theme do you think you will use, or do you think you would just like to have one great work of art on a focal wall?

Happy hunting for art!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lovely Spaces

I want to start a new post around here. With Pinterest and Houzz, there are some pictures of some truly great spaces around. What I want to do is pick a space, talk about all the things we love about it and offer tips for how to incorporate some of these lovely elements into our own spaces.

But, I need your help! I can pick spaces galore that speak to me, however, I want to use images of spaces that speak to you! So click on over to the side on the email button and send me an image that you love with a brief summary of what you love about it.

I'll go first. Here is a really great bedroom, with great colors and textures:

As seen on Pinterest, from Oh Joy Blog.

What I love about it:
How light and bright it feels.
The layered textures, the raw wood of the bed frame and bench mixed with the rug; the hide across the bench, the basket and the linens.
I love the dark wall color and the art on the headboard wall.
I love the white chair next to the closet door that blends so seamlessly in with the wall that you barely even notice it.
Mostly, I love how it all flows and feels very nature-inspired!

Send in a picture of a space that you love and let's talk about it!

Happy hunting for spaces!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion :: Interiors, Layering

Today I layered my colors and accessories in my wardrobe, creating what I found to be a fun work-day ensemble.

Orange dress, navy cotton blazer & hand-knit lime shawl.

The idea of layering is not a new one. Not in fashion. Not in interiors. But it is something that people still have a hard time with. And I promise it is not difficult!

On Pinterest, my most pinned image is one of a shelf filled with art, that slightly overlaps, adding a dimensional element and enhancing the focal point.

Bookshelves, mantles, entry tables, sideboards, and more. Layer these spaces with books, art, sculptures, etc. It isn't going to happen overnight, and don't expect it to. Add trinkets from your life and your travels. Test the arrangements, re-arrange the pieces to find what stylistically speaks to you.

Add bold pops of color! They do not have to be in your existing color scheme!

Play with your art, and accessories. Layer colors and textures. And have fun!

Do you have great layering styles in what you wear or where you live? As always, check out the coordinating pinterest board.

Happy Layering!

Monday, August 5, 2013


P and I have often discussed that I could be happy almost anywhere, as long as I could see the beauty in it. (Which he claims I can find in anything.)

Right now, P and I are working on a particularly challenging transition. Not challenging because it is bad in any way, just challenging because it is a lot of change all at once, and it will be a great transition.

Due to this transition, I have been really noticing the beauty all around me. The beauty in my current space, in where I have moved from, and in where we are headed. As I type this, I am sitting on my dearest friends beautiful screen porch at their lake house. The chairs are cozy, her sweet baby is sleeping, and I have coffee and a great view of the lake and the puppies. I feel blessed to have this time in this beautiful place.

I feel blessed to have found a new occupation doing what I truly love to do. I feel blessed for all of the change that P and I are about to embark on together. And I feel so blessed that we are moving forward in this life together!

I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family, both near and times like these the lines between 'friend' and 'family' blur a little, and my greatest friends feel so much like an extension of my family. I am so blessed to have their love and support.

As things move forward with this transition, I will be less cryptic. But for now, I just wanted to count my blessings, for I have many, and I am humbled by the love that surrounds me.

Happy blessings.