Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dip Dye Everything

I'm not sure if everyone has been seeing it or just me, but I have been noticing a lot of dip dye going on, and I am liking what I see.

Dip dyed glassware creates an excellent vase.

Wood tones and whites are a dip dye match made in heaven.

Modernize an old chair with black and white dip dye.

Dip dyed dessert plates from Anthropologie.

I love the pop of pink on these dip dyed drapes.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of dip dye? Will there be any dip dye DIYs in your future? I know I'm considering it! Check the Pinterest board for more fab dip dye projects.

Happy Sunday and happy dip dying!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Photo Fun

The other day, P & I went downtown in the city we are looking at moving to, and after looking at places, we had a little photo shoot for one of my finished knits!

It was so fun, and such a gorgeous early fall day. The sun was shining, the view was stunning, and I was spending the day with my love. All adding up to one happy gal!

So here are the details:

The pattern: Lazy Katy (a gorgeous asymmetrical shawl pattern)
The Yarn and Needles: I'm so bad at keeping track of this, so I'm not sure, and I suppose it doesn't help much to say I love the coloration of the main yarn, and the gauge is lovely if I don't know how I made it that way.

I did run out of the main yarn together, so I used not one leftover bit, but two to finish the lace border.

I especially love the fun and asymmetrical shape of the shawl. I tend to wear my shawls backwards--more like a bunched up scarf around the neck, and this asymmetrical shape wraps and layers perfectly.

What do you think? Have you finished any projects lately? How are you starting to layer up for fall?

Hope you are all enjoy the season change! Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Officially Fall

Fall is officially here. My favorite season--I love everything about it. Next fall we will be getting married! Fall is colorful, it's cozy, it's layering up and getting textural. Layering up in your home, and in your wardrobe. For me, fall is all love.

Are you planning to paint a room this season? Now that the humidity is gone, it is great timing for keeping the windows open and let the space dry out and breathe as you transition.

If you are looking for color that feels cozy enough for fall, but will outlast the seasonal trends, check out some of these colors. I am digging colors with depth that are a little darker and a little more cozy. Don't shy away from these deep colors, they can pull your room together without making it feel small.

Check out these deep greens:

Webster Green HC-130
Fairmont Green HC-127
Courtyard Green 546

Try these inky blues:

Stunning 826
Blue Heron 832
Blue Nova 825

And for something a little less committed, try these shades of "greige" (gray-beiges):

Raccoon Hollow 978
Gettysburg Gray HC-107
Shale 861
Coastal Fog AC-1

Are you celebrating the fall transition today? I'm off to a yoga session practicing 108 sun salutations to welcome the season. I'm excited, and I think it will be a good way to transition mentally and emotionally with all of the change we are going through-- though I'm fearful that I won't make it home after. Wish me luck!

Happy fall, happy painting. And whether in season, work, or life, happy transitioning!

(All paint chips in this post are Benjamin Moore. This is not a sponsored post.)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Seasonal Trend Obsessions :: Fall

The Fall Season is coming, and there is a lot to love! (And I’m obsessed!) I want to share the great trends I’m seeing from shoes, to nail polish colors and great fall flavors. Are you celebrating the season already, or does it remain summer in your mind until Sunday?

Fabulous Fall Booties! 

First of all, I have to admit, I’m a little late on this one... booties. And again, I must admit, I am obsessed. I picked up my first pair on clearance a while back, they are the most adorable little-suede booties with a tassel zipper pull in a light tan. When I purchased them, I still wasn’t really sold on how to style them, but now, I wear them with everything. Then the fall trends started this year, and there were so many amazing bootie styles. I picked up these booties about a month ago, when they arrived, the leather was so soft, and the color so perfect that I wanted to kiss the creators.

Simple & Chick black booties.
I have so many outfits planned to pair with them for fall and even going into winter. Not to mention I love them so much, I will be wearing them year round! Finally, I decided that two pairs of brown booties was a little lopsided, so I was on the hunt for a black pair. These ones are perfect. They are simple and chic with a stacked heel. And again, I will be wearing the heck out of them. Lastly I ordered a pair of hunter green suede flats adorned with gold detailing on the toe. What’s not to love?! My fall fashion budget has been spent entirely on shoes, and I am okay with that. Where did you spend yours?

Amazing flats for fall.

Next up, nail polish. For those of you that have been reading for some time, you know, I love a good nail polish. Right now I am loving "Emerald" by Revlon (it’s on my toes as we speak). Vested Interest by Essie is a good fall polish color, it is a soft blue-green but has great gray depth. “It’s all San Andreas’s Fault” by Opi is a great nude/neutral that feels good for Fall, and then some, but I'm not loving the "wet sand" texture of it, so I'm on the hunt for a similar shade in something smooth. And in my opinion, you can't go wrong with a good shade of purple-y gray for fall and Essie's "Smokin' Hot" is perfect!

Clockwise from top left: "Smokin' Hot" and "Vested Interest" by Essie, "San Andreas' Fault" by OPI, and "Emerald" by Revlon, on my toes.

Curious about what fall flavors we love? Pumpkin everything, of course! I’m also starting to get the itch to bake. Cozy coffee cakes, and pumpkin muffins… yum.

This gluten-free, dairy-free coffee cake was a big hit!

So tell me, what are you obsessed with this season? Have you blown the budget on fall fashion, polish or other goodies?

Check back for fall paint colors as we officially welcome fall this Sunday. Happy Fall!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Library Lovin'

Now that the school year is well underway for everyone, it is back to the books. Time to get to the library!

I just love libraries. I didn't always. When I was a kid, I only read if I had to-- I would much rather have played outside. But now, there is nothing quite like a good book, and there is nothing quite like the smell of an old book. (Did that just cross the line to weird there?)

Still, library designs are pretty straight forward right? Rows of shelving, piled high with books. Quiet and clean spaces. Fairly simple right? Wrong! Some of my favorite architectural buildings are libraries! 

Of course there is the classic structure of the New York Public Library:

NYPL Exterior with "Fortitude" Lion.

"Patience" Lion sculpture outside NYPL.

NYPL interior photo of workspaces, photo by Jonathan Blanc.

The Seattle Public Library is by far my favorite. The use of line, shape, form and function that combine here create an incredible structure.

Exterior Image of the SPL glowing at night.

A look up at the curtain walls of the SPL from our last visit.

SPL interior space with the light and shadow.

The other kind of library is the home library. The spaces that have wall to wall built in shelving units filled with varies written works. Here are some home library spaces I dream of:

This naturally schemed office is bright with a wall of windows, and anchored with a wall of books.

Implementing this DIY shelf adds a library niche to any space.

Have you spent a lot of time in your local library lately? Do you ever go check out books? What has everyone reading lately? I have gotten quite a few great recommendations lately, and the list is getting lengthy but there is always room for more!

Happy reading!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Strategies for Moving & Packing

As many of you know, P & I have been going through quite the move from Connecticut to New Jersey this summer. Pretty much for the entire summer we have been in transition and for the entire month of August we were packing and hauling carloads of bins and boxes to and from our residences.

During this process, we had a ton of help from our awesome support network, and I learned a lot of great tips, that I thought I would share!
Here are things that I think are important when starting to tackle this project:

I like to pack in big plastic bins like Rubbermade or Sterilite. They come in a variety of sizes, they are clear so you can see what is packed into them, they are sturdy, and in case there is fear of water damage where they are being stored, you know your things will be okay as long as the water doesn't get too high. They also store well when not being used for moving, you can keep things like holiday decor in them at all times, and they nest, so if the remain empty, they don't take up much space. I label all of the bins with two labels: one on the end side, so I can read what it is when they are stacked up, and one on the top.

Pack things in order of what you need least to most, that way the things you need on a regular basis will be the last to be packed, and the first to be unpacked when you get where you are going.

Hanging things can just stay on the hangers and move by the carload. Other clothes can either stay in drawers or be packed in suitcases and duffel bags.

Pack like items together for two reasons: 1. it keeps things organized, and 2. like items will nest together and keep them safely stored for transportation. This is key in packing dinnerware. A great tip from a friend, is to pack drinking glasses in socks. The socks provide great cushion for the glasses and are just the right size.

Lastly, but probably the most important word of advice I can give, is:
 Don't move everything. As you are packing you will come across things you haven't seen or used in years. Most of these things (especially for us women) will draw up some sentimental memories. If you aren't using something there is no reason to hold onto it. The memories exist even without the items.

Separate these things into a few piles, things to donate, things to try and sell (if you want to do some sort of moving sale or tag sale), and things to throw away.
No, you don't have to toss everything, but you certainly don't need to keep everything either.

If you are currently going through a move, or any other transition, I'm here to tell you, it is not easy, but it is necessary, and you will get through it!

I hope this helped all you movers and shakers packers out there. Happy Packing!

PS, don't forget to check out this post to win a gift worth up to $5,000!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review & Giveaway :: Diamond Candles

About a month ago, I was approached to see if I would be interested in doing a review post and hosting a giveaway for Diamond Candles. At that time, I had never heard of the company, so I checked out their website, and looked at what they are about.

What I found out was that they are a local company based in North Carolina, they make soy candles, and they put rings in them. The candles are all made here in the states, which is great, and the rings can be worth up to $5,000! For more on the company, the concept, and the rings, check out their video here.

What I like about my diamond candle:
  • The fragrance is noticeable, but not overwhelming. We burned the candle for about 4 hours last night, and in the last few hours if we went upstairs, and came back downstairs you noticed the room smelling more delicious each time. 
  • The candle is a good size. Even though we burned it for about 4 hours already, there is still a long way to go. We burned through only about a half inch of the wax. 
  • I love that the candles are all made with soybeans that are grown right in North Carolina, and that they use cotton wicks. They are definitely an environmentally friendly product.
  • Of course, what woman wouldn't love finding a ring in their candle!
  • Diamond Candles also come in a great jar, that can be reused in so many ways. They even have a pinterest board with ideas for reusing the vessels. 
  • They have a ton of great fragrances to choose from.

What I didn't like:
  • When we first opened the candle the smell was a bit overwhelming, though after letting it burn the smell dissipated into a soft subtle fragrance.
Overall I think this is a great product. I love that it is being produced with the environment in mind, not only from the manufacturing process but to the end result, and how to use the jar once the candle is burned through as well. 

These candles would make a great gift too! Just think of how you would love to receive a candle in the mail, only to realize it was jewelry as well!!

Win one for yourself:
Go check out diamond candles social media sites for more information on their product: Like them on Facebook, check out their You Tube Channel, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use the below form to submit your entries to the contest. I will leave the contest open for one week (closing at midnight on Tuesday 9/17) and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 9/18. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are new to DBK, follow us for more great reviews, giveaways and awesome interiors. Good Luck, and Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Styles :: A Little Bit Country

Over the summer, P & I were lucky enough to get to check out this incredible house and the sweet dogs that live there too. Knowing the owners, you may think you were going to see something that reads a little bit more Rock 'n' Roll, but their house is definitely a little bit country and very chic.

For a woman who loves to bake (and is great at it!) when they renovated the kitchen she had a dropped section of marble counter put in. The kitchen is bright white with a large dark island to anchor the space.

The home is arranged to entertain, moving from the large kitchen with central island, there is a great formal dining room, which then leads you into a glowing sunroom. Surrounding in windows, this room basks in the glow. It's a great place to hunker down and read a book or soak in the gorgeous grounds surrounding the home. 

Back in the living room, you see grand details in the architecture with a wall of built-in bookshelves and a fireplace with marble surround and the marble hearth. Moving onto the details of the space, this couple has decked out this space with shades of green and a mix of nature-inspired prints. I love the green leafy sofa adjacent to the floral sofa, when you add the soft green striped and rich leather-arm chairs, you really do get a complete and cozy space. The art work and sculptural pieces top it off. 

Two of my favorite details of this home have to be the game table in the corner of the living room:

And the amazing old crane sink in the powder room. Look at that faucet!

Oh and when talking about this home, you really can't leave out the dogs. (And they sure do fit the cute!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a tour of this great home. With the rooms that flow from one into the next, the design is just as seamless.  I love this chic country home!

Happy Styling!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to Work-Wear

There is much debate among friends right now as to whether or not we have just had our last weekend of summer. Technically, we didn't. But traditionally speaking, Labor Day weekend was the last weekend of the summer vacation for before the school year starts back up.

To bare shoulders or not to bare shoulders, that is the question.

That said, I guess you can look at it either way, but I want to look at it from a perspective of 'What to wear to work'. We are transitioning to fall, but here in the Tri-state area, it is still muggy and humid. It's not quite time for the layers and the coziness of fall.

This summer, I have thoroughly enjoyed dressing for work everyday. Adding bright pops of color, fun accessories, etc. There's only one question: Where do we stand on baring your shoulders at work?

I was raised to believe that this is pretty much never acceptable in the work environment. But I have to say, my boss bares her shoulders practically every day, which sets the precedent that it should be acceptable at my place of employment, and I have followed suit. Don't freak out mom, I barely wore anything that left me with bare shoulders.

So where do you stand? For me, it depends on where you work. How casual or professional the work environment is. It depends on the weather, are you going to be sweating bullets if you pull on a thin cardigan to cover your shoulders? Does your office blast the air conditioning, forcing you to layer up like it's fall or winter in the middle of August?

I think that there is a time and place for it. So I will leave it up to you to decide, but please, if you bare your shoulders at work, class it up and don't wear spaghetti straps.

I think we have three weeks left of summer. Let's enjoy them! Dress to fit into your work environment. The most important thing about your work attire is that you feel confident in what you are wearing.

For more work wear, and daily ensembles, follow along on Instagram. Happy dressing!