Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Great Wall of Paint

Accent walls are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but there are a lot of ways to add visual interest to your walls for less with paint -- even without adding one bold wall of color.

These stripes add huge impact in a bold and abstract way.

For starters you can add stripes throughout the room. Make them modern or traditional, large or small, horizontal or vertical, or even abstract and diagonal. Stripes can make a great impact or an even more subtle statement while still giving some visual interest.

Consider adding a chevron pattern. Although I tend to think that chevron is heavily trendy, I believe that paint is paint, and it is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to add color, style, and a little pizazz to your space. But most importantly, it is not permanent. So if in a few years, you are bored with the chevron, then just re-paint it!

Large neutral stripes add a little something extra in simple way.

My personal favorite stripe is the wide horizontal stripe. I'm talking like an 18" high stripe, and I love the visual effect of alternating flat and semi-gloss in the same hue so that your stripes are more of a tonal detail. This tonal technique can again work in more modern or traditional spaces depending on what color and intensity you decide to apply the look with.

Choose a height and draw a line.
Keep on side light and the other side bold to achieve this playful painted look.

Another great painted look for a more traditional home, consider using your molding as a way to frame out your colors. Chair rail or wainscoting below in a lighter base -- shades of white are best here for a traditional look -- then your accent color above. Like an accent wall, this still keeps your space balanced, focusing the "accent color" on the top with the detail or texture at the base.

This molding frames out some energetic colors to make a bold statement.
Hint: Use colors that are your style to make this statement work for you!
You can also create a series of boxes on the wall that are framed out with molding and keep the accent color inside the box. Or create a large box on the wall that is painted in your accent color and then use that space for that gallery wall you've been planning out! This is a great way to apply chalkboard paint in a playroom or kitchen... frame it out with molding, and then your chalkboard is instantly more defined.

I love everything about this kitchen,
including the rustic framed chalkboards in the back!

These are just a few of the many, many ways that you can use paint to apply interest to your space. Explore the options, and however you choose to add color in your space, don't be afraid! Seek inspiration, and remember, it's only paint! You can always change it later.

Inspired by all of these fun and different ways to add interest with paint, one of these techniques might just make an appearance once we are through the door in whatever space we end up calling home! Can you see yourself adding a playful painted detail to your space?

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  1. I want chalkboard paint in every room. No, I'm not REALLY serious, but... it's a thought.