Saturday, January 25, 2014

Great Wall of Wallpaper

After living in an apartment for countless years (well I can count them, I just choose not to), it is nice to finally be hunting for a home where we can play with the walls. But deciding what to do where is the tricky part. These days there are just so many options! So with this Great Wall series, we are going to explore different types of wall treatments that can make your space!

Use a neutral-geo print to add subtle interest with pattern.

Wallpaper is first up on the list of wall treatments to discuss. What is your opinion of this renewed trend for your walls?

Back when wallpaper was really in it's prime, there were shops that existed solely for the purpose of housing wallpaper sample books, were you could peruse until your heart was content, and you had selected the wall covering of your dreams. Now there is Pinterest, and the internet. Of course you can still work with a designer (like your's truly), that can help you peruse books still.

To avoid being too bold, just add a pop of wallpaper behind your shelving.
(I want this closet!!)

Back in the day, everyone was using wallpaper. Now that people have gone through using it, and eventually tearing it down, and the process of cleaning up their walls afterwards... they are seeming a little bit apprehensive to dive into the wallpaper scene again.

Textured wallpaper is less of a commitment.
It comes in white and you can paint it just like you would your walls.

Here's the thing... Is wallpaper a bigger commitment than paint? YES! But in the areas that you will most likely be applying it (entry ways, powder rooms, dining rooms, and maybe as an accent in a master bedroom) you will be picking a paper that you really love, and you will be leaving it there for quite some time. And it is your home! You should be the one who is truly happy there!

This mapped-out space is adventurous and sexy with masculine touches. 
So, weigh out the cost benefits. How much will it cost to have it properly installed? How much will it cost to properly take it down? How long will you keep it up, and love it? Weigh it out... ultimately, only you can decide if you truly want to use wallpaper in your home.

But, if you are feeling a little bit nervous, or if you are a renter, look into the temporary wallpapers that are on the market these days. I have worked with one of them, and it went up and came down like contact paper--so easy!

This creamy room is playfully sophisticated
with soft tonal animal-print wallpaper.

We are definitely considering adding wallpaper to our walls when we find our first home!


  1. oh, you brave girl! We have spent so much time taking down the wallpaper in this house (think English garden explosion) that I cannot look at wallpaper without getting the shakes! Paint is my friend... :o)

  2. I love the looks you shared above, but no wallpaper is coming in this house. If I could pay someone to put it up, take it down and fix the walls, I'd consider it, but...