Friday, January 3, 2014

So Long 2013 {Year in Review}

2013 was a big year! Not only for DBK, but also for me personally. So before we put the past in the past, let's celebrate the wins.

On the Blog:
5. "Review & Giveaway :: Diamond Candles." A fun review on a great candle company!

4. "Designs that Captivate :: Emerald." Exploring 2013's Pantone color of the year, in fashion and home decor.

3. "Transitional Design." Making the decision to move and take on a big challenge for a better career. It hasn't been all easy, but it has been great!

2. "DBK :: Q&A." A question-and-answer session on Boyish Charm and how to incorporate manly design (mainly sports) into your space in a mature way.

1. "How Important is the Thread Count." Important information on bedding, and some serious misnomers on thread count.

4. We moved out of Connecticut, a state that became my second home for 6+ years.
3. We had an amazing vacation out west filled with incredible family, sights and loads of inspiration.
2. I got a great career opportunity to get my feet wet focussing on Bath Design.
1. P and I got engaged!

3. Great career opportunity {see #2 above}
2. Consulted on some great projects in CT & NJ
1. Landed my first whole house design project!

Looking Forward:
This year will be the year we get married. It will be the year we buy our first home (hopefully) and it will be the year I finish consulting on my first really big project. This year is going to be a truly wonderful year in which I will remember to count my blessings often.

Happy 2014 everyone, make it great. Choose happiness!

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