Friday, February 7, 2014

Great Wall of Shelving

Built-in units are a great way to add storage to your home -- but they can also add an issue of how to keep them visually appealing and not looking cluttered.

I love the idea of sneaking in shelving around the doorway.

First of all use the hidden space for kids toys, electronics, DVDs and other things that you want hide when company comes over.

Use the open shelving for framed family photos, candles, -- just for looks, do not light them while they are on the shelves -- colorful vases and books.

Check out this incredible attic-studio space with maximum storage,
as featured on Apartment Therapy.

You will have to play around with the arrangements to see what works best for you. This is an area you will have to work to fill over time. Add good books as you read them and decide you want to keep them for your collection. Lean prints up against voided spaces to fill them in.

These built-ins are beautifully painted and beautifully styled.

Nothing is permanent here! Move things around and change them out for the different seasons or for the holidays.

Use this space to keep yourself organized while adding something really beautiful to your space.

I love this beautiful little library built-in at the top of the stairs.
Such a great place to add some extra storage!

If you have been considering adding built-in units to a niche in your home, maybe to flank the fireplace or add storage in the family room or playroom or use them as a way to create storage in a space that is particularly tight,  built-in units beautifully combine form and function to give you a great add-on to your bare walls!

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  1. I'll take any and all of 'em. I loves shelves. I'm absolutely delighted that my new desk at work has a hutch with lots of shelves. I can't wait for Monday so I can set it up!