Saturday, February 1, 2014

Party Central for Super Bowl Sunday

Are you hosting friends and family at your place for Super Bowl Sunday?
If you are, then let's talk about some fun ways to get everything set up.

When it comes to cleaning don't sweat the small stuff.. you don't need to scrub every square inch of your home, a general once over will do, and make sure to get your housemates to join in on the work--after all, they helped create the mess, so they should help clean it up!

Focus your energy on the food, and the festivities.

Check out this great post on Kid Friendly Football Parties on the Itsy Belle blog.

A while back--think early 2000's--I used to attend a Super Bowl party where there was always a chili cook off contest. The host prepared their "famous" recipe, and a handful of guests would bring theirs as well, the guests would bring them in crock pots, so that they could all be set up and numbered on the island in the kitchen for tastings. Throughout the day, attendees will taste, and drop the number of their favorite in a box on the end. After the game ended, the votes were tallied up and the winner got to take home the trophy! But they had to bring it back the next year.

A chili spread we did a while back. It's a crowd favorite, you can't go wrong!

I love this idea of getting your company involved in a fun game during the game. And it doesn't take away from the main event either, as everyone will eat throughout the game anyway. Think of a dish, maybe it is an entree, could be an appetizer, could be a dessert. and then have a little contest!

Not only does this add an element of competitiveness to the party, but it also takes a lot of the pressure off of you to make all of the food!

For the decor, have you seen the Tassel Garlands floating around on pinterest and the blogosphere? You can easily DIY them in the team colors of the teams that will be playing this weekend, and drape them around the party space!

Check out these cute tassels & see how you can make your own on Wedding Obsession.

This adds fun, and color to the event, while giving a look almost like that of the cheerleader's pom poms! So fun!!

What are you planning for the main event this Sunday? Do you attend any fun Super Bowl parties with good themes?

Have fun this weekend, and be safe!

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