Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green Scene :: Inspired by St. Patrick's Day

Felling a little inspired by all of the green people were wearing yesterday on St. Patty's Day, I wanted to seek out little ways to add pops of green to your interior spaces.

I did a little search on Pinterest, literally searched "pops of green," and found these great examples of adding shades of green to your home:

Green glass jugs and natural greenery on the table
mix well with these warm neutrals and golds.

Pops of green dance around this charming children's room.
From blankets to poofs, you can easily translate this look to many spaces.

With a mostly white & ivory bedroom, the colors come from art & colorful vases
throughout the space. These Kelly Green ottomans anchor this space perfectly. 

Are you a fan of the green scene, either in home or in wardrobe? I think it is a great color to add to your life. Since green can be either a cool or a warm color, it works on most people and can easily add to most spaces. 

If you aren't sure if you love-love-love the look, add it in flowers. This will brighten your room and make you smile as you walk past. If you're new around here, you don't know, but I am a strong advocate of keeping fresh flowers around the house. 

Simple white tulips make an easy and beautiful centerpiece.

These green leafy stems pair well with Emerald metal
farm chairs and light fixtures to create a clean & cozy feel.

Hope you enjoyed your Saint Patrick's Day, had some good grub, and good beer (if that's your thing). Would you consider adding greens to your space?

All images in this post were found on Pinterest. The captions are my own. To find more green inspiration search my boards and others.


  1. Love it all. Green makes me so very happy, and I have so little of it in my home decor right now.

  2. I unintentionally painted most of my walls a very pale green. It's like coming home to a day spa. I love it!