Monday, March 3, 2014

Third Time's the Charm

After looking at many different properties, houses, condos, row-houses, etc., and offering on three...we have finally closed on our new condo!

The first look at our tiny kitchen.

I am so excited that we finally found a place! We are back in the original section of town that we wanted to be in, and only one little neighborhood over from the one we first fell for.

The first look at our tiny bathroom.

It is exciting to be moving in and getting settled here in our house!! We have picked out paint colors, the movers have come, and things are slowly coming together. We have taken this weekend to get a little bit more acquainted with our neighborhood, and check out what's happening around our part of town. There are so many fun things to do and see... I think living in the city (Jersey City) is going to be fun for this time in our life.

And the nice thing about our tiny condo (other then that it doesn't break the bank) is that it's ours.

The first look at our tiny living room.

What a relief to end this stressful and anxious process with keys. P even carried me over the threshold the first time through the door. :)

The first look at our tiny bedroom.

Thanks for the encouragement from everyone through this house-hunt... I know last time I filled you in on the house hunt, I was a little bit stressed out (just a tiny little bit). But we had faith in the process and the plan, and knowing that everything happens for a reason (and accepting that fact) helped us get to where we needed to be.

So if you are struggling with the buying process (or anything else) just try to have faith in the little things, the process, and know that it will all line up when it is supposed to and how it is supposed to.

I can't wait to share our new decor ideas with you all!!


  1. It's a very cute - tiny place. Best part about it - 'ghetto heat!' I'm totally missing that sitting in my living room currently. g

  2. LOVE the living room floor. Congrats!

  3. That bathroom is adorable. And I love the cabinets in the kitchen. Super cute guys! Congrats!

  4. Think the interwebs ate my first comment, so I'll give you the cliff notes. Cute place! Congrats guys. :-)