Sunday, April 6, 2014

Before & After :: LS's Relaxing Master Retreat

I am so excited to show y'all this bathroom reveal! The transformation of the space is really night and day, and the new space suits the couple that this master retreat is for so well.

Do you see the vast difference?! We do! LS wanted to update the existing space and create a place where she could not only get ready for work in the morning, but also take a relaxing soak with a good book and a good glass of wine after her girls were in bed and her work was done for the day. Mr. S was just happy with making LS happy (my kind of man!). 

In the original space, they had a small shower stall -- the linen closet was larger than the shower -- a standard toilet (nothing wrong here, but LS was dreaming of having a bidet), a corner drop in tub with a huge deck platform that really envelope the bulk of the room, and a vanity that was far too small for the large bathroom it was living in. The details were all too ornate, and the quality was not so great. So it was definitely time for an update!

The goals for the new space were to add a bidet, open up the shower, and give it at least as much space as the linen closet (if not a smidgen more), take out the massive tub deck and add a bigger freestanding tub (that actually takes up less space), and include more usable cabinetry--all while keeping a more simplistic and spa like look and feel.

Here is the full space in all of it's serene beauty:

By borrowing space for the closet, we were able to maximize the shower
and gain enough room for the toilet and bidet to fit in.

I love how these glass tiles in the shower came together!

With a half wall between the shower and toilet/bidet area,
there is a sense of privacy without closing off the space.

We added a tumbled stone in an herringbone pattern as a floor mat
 around the tub, as well as for the floor of the shower.
This tub really makes the space here, and LS admits that although her
girls are using it too, she commits to soaking at least twice a week.

Wall-hung cabinetry helps to make this space feel more open, while providing
maximum functionality and storage.

What do you think? Does it make you want to renovate your master bathroom?


  1. Looks very nice. Although I loved the old sink cabinet. Why no mirror? g

    1. No mirror yet! You caught us--we are in the process of having it sized and planning out how we want to properly mount and frame it... hoping to be able to give an update soon!

  2. Nice!! A little too contemporary for my cottage style, but I like it.