Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Home :: New Schemes

When you are in my industry, and you buy a new place, it is very challenging to take everyone's advice and not do everything all at once. I even have to tell my own clients this, but I think it has something to do with the fact that when I have people over, I want them to see my space put together and see that there is some design sense that played in.

Even still, this isn't a process that comes together overnight. There are a lot of little things -- and big things, too -- that need to come together, and that really just can't happen all at once.

So I've started with a big-picture idea of what I hope for this space to become, and I've created a space to display my ideas and share them with P to make sure we are on the same page -- or at least clue him into what we're doing. It has really helped, because even though this just can't happen overnight, it is nice to envision what it would be like if it did.

We started with a color scheme. We are keeping the basic scheme from the old living room, but refreshing it, by eliminating most of the purple, and adding bold blues. We painted the walls "New York State of Mind," which only felt even more appropriate with the name since we are now in Jersey City, right across the river from the Big Apple.

Benjamin Moore "New York State of Mind" #805

There are the same softer pale minty blue-greens that show up around the room, and some pops of the orange-y tones in our cognac arm chairs, some pillows, and the warmer colors of our wood floors. But with this space, we are really trying to achieve a more mature look and feel. After all, we will be starting our married life in about six months (wow!).

For the kitchen, since it already has natural maple cabinets, black sparkly quartz countertops, and a carrera marble backsplash, we decided to play up the grays and go with "Smoke Embers." It is a really soft warm gray with taupe-y undertones. We are also taping off right now, for a bold accent in there, but I will get into that detail later.

Benjamin Moore's "Smoke Embers" #1466

For the bedroom, we are headed into the soft soothing pallet of greens and neutrals, with hints of blues from our bedding. The paint (which is now on hold for a while) is going to be "Webster Green." It is a very cool and calm green and I really like that. I think it will help us unwind at the end of a long day/week and help send some peaceful sleeping vibes. For our bedroom, I was really inspired by this room, and I couldn't get the green out of my head -- so I'm excited to see how it comes together once the paint goes up!

Benjamin Moore's "Webster Green" #HC-130

That's it for now--the colors really seem to stem from the fall selection I did here! More to come (with photos of the spaces,  I promise!) soon. What do you think of the schemes? Are you a fan? What color schemes currently exist in your home, and what is your dream scheme?

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  1. How exciting! I love the colors. Our great room desperately needs an update... after June 1. I'm not even thinking about it before then.