Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Styles :: Rustic Industrial

Rustic & industrial styles often get grouped together, because the industrial look and feel often becomes more clear by using rustic pieces.

This rustic industrial kitchen features a raw concrete beam running through the middle
flanked by white cabinets, white subway tiles with black grout, combined with
exposed ducts, the enameled light fixture and bright concrete floors.
This is a perfect example of a rustic industrial space

Some elements that scream industrial design: white subway tiles with black grout lines; cool grey concrete-slab floors -- that can be warmed up with radiant heating -- or counters, walls, etc.; lamps that are large, simple and feel used -- think of a good flea-market find -- exposed pipes or duct work; raw-vaulted ceilings; metal elements in furnishings, such as the legs of your tables and chairs; exposed brick; and reclaimed wood.

Some Examples:

Aerial view of this industrial kitchen featuring concrete walls, stainless peninsula, metal light fixture and stools, and even exposed brick above the concrete.

This combination of glass and metal lights, a black wall, butcher block counters, and the way all of the details pile up make this kitchen a great representation of industrial design.

This rustic bathroom showcases a custom vanity made with reclaimed woods,
and the light fixtures are the perfect accent to the style and the space.

If you live in a multi-level home, and are aiming to achieve an industrial look, and open metal staircase is key. Featured on Style At Home is a tour of this industrial home in the Quebec countryside.

For me, industrial style feels very much like old warehouses converted into loft spaces or condos of some sort. Though even if you don't have an old warehouse-loft conversion, you can still achieve an industrial and chic look in your space if you lean more towards that character within your home, by seeking out more industrial pieces.

This converted industrial space has been softened by incorporating
vibrant linens with neutral upholstery, artwork and feminine lines.
For more details and images on the rustic industrial style, check out the corresponding Pinterest board, and follow the links for these lovely images. If rustic industrial design isn't your thing, look for other styles that might better fit your taste by reading through the Saturday Styles thread. If you find your style and need tips on expressing it within your home, please feel free to reach out for assistance!

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