Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend DIY :: Accent Stripes

There are so many ways to add an accent of stripes to your home, from a simple solo chair-rail stripe, to wide vertical or horizontal stripes, to something more bold. Since I posted the below photo on Instagram, people have been asking me how I incorporated the bold splash of pink into our new home. It is with stripes--of course!

Stripes are a great way to add a pop of color or just a visual element to your space. In our case, we definitely added a bold pop.

Our inspiration:

Step One: Tape out the pattern or design.

Leave this initial pattern up for a few days to make sure you love it.

Step Two: After finalizing the pattern, decide how wide you want each element to be, and measure out the width in incremental pieces along the length of the initial strip, marking with pencil. Then tape to connect your painted dots.

Step Three: Cut away any overlapping elements of tape where the lines will overlap so that you can paint through them.

Step Four: Break out the paint and brushes and get to work.

Step Five: Do two coats of paint, and then while the second coat is wet, slowly and carefully, peel the tape straight off the wall.

Step Six: if you have any spots where the color bled through the tape, take a wet rag, and a sharp straight edge, and wipe away the excess paint. (Be very methodical and cautious here.)

Step Seven: Step back and enjoy your hard work!

What do you think? Have you considered adding stripes in any of your spaces? Have you seen a striped space that you love? Final kitchen reveal to post soon, so be on the lookout for how these stripes look fully incorporated in their element.

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  1. Gretchen would LOVE your stripes. Me? Too abstract for my house, but fun to look at somewhere else.