Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hall Bath Face Lift

A very sweet client of mine has been working through two bathroom renovations with me. Her master bath is a full reno, which won't be done for a few more weeks yet, but her hall bath was just a face lift to update and refresh what was there, without complete demo.

Here is a look at what we had to work with:

The main things we kept were the bathtub, tile and vanity cabinet. Everything else went--starting with the wallpaper.

Here is a look at the new-and-improved space:

Just the walls with their soft periwinkle color are a vast update.

We replaced the shower doors to a more updated style with simple details
and reglazed the bath tub to match the white of the toilet.

New medicine cabinet with asymmetrical split has
great form and function in it's newly recessed home.
The new sconces above functioning with new dimmer switches
 to be set to just the right glow.

And speaking of new lighting and switches, we kept the existing overhead fixture, updated the heat lamp to be a heat and vent combo, re-located them to more functional positions overhead and everything is on it's own switch with dimmers where applicable.

The most stunning upgrade (in my opinion) is the beautiful new countertop.
It is a Caesarstone with sparkling flecks of silvers and whites, and it is stunning.

What do you think? Is your bathroom in need of a full renovation, just a face lift or are you lucky enough to have a bathroom in great shape?

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  1. Phew! That tile and wallpaper were at odds with each other. I do like the update. Our 2nd bath is fine, but mine (the master) needs either a heavy face lift or a whole renovation.