Friday, May 2, 2014

Kitchen Revealed

At long last, here is a look at our kitchen, and those bold pink stripes.

Upon entering the condo, the kitchen is the first room you see, so we decided to
add a splash of bold color right when you open the door to draw you in.

We purchased this little bar cart and created a beverage station.

We put the chairs together in a row to create a little bench.
Adding the purple pillows cozies it up!

Having a drop-leaf table is essential. When it is folded up, we can work in the kitchen or
eat just us two, and when we have friends over for dinner,
we can pop it open, crowd around and dig in!

In a small space, every inch of storage counts, so we have pretty bowls, vases
and teapots stored above the cabinets.
(I'm surprised we don't keep our sweaters there too!)

My favorite little splash of pink is this adorable pink pipe. I just love it!

The counter-space and appliances are just right. We love cooking with gas!

These rhino bookends add a touch of whimsy to our kitchen
by supporting our cookbooks.

Happy Friday! I hear it is going to be a nice weekend--get out and enjoy it if you can!

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  1. Love it! The Knight would NEVER agree to purple and PANK in the kitchen - or any common area - though.