Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

Well in this case, the kitchen faucet.

 If you are like me, and you enjoy cooking, you spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink. Washing veggies, prepping foods, washing hands and then ultimately cleaning everything up afterwards. Thus, it is so important to have a good kitchen faucet!

The old faucet.

When we moved in, there was a cheap faucet -- your standard run-of-the-mill traditional design, with a crumby spray. As you can see from the Kitchen Reveal, our taste is a little bit more on the clean lines, especially for me in the kitchen. I don't want a lot of extra nooks and crannies to worry about getting gunked up. So one of the things we did pretty soon after closing was get ourselves a new faucet.

It was something I felt comfortable installing myself since I work in the decorative plumbing industry talking about faucets and things all day long, however I DO NOT recommend installing it if you don't know what you are doing. We are talking about a lot of water here and the potential for a lot of damage if something slips up.

First things first, I read through all of the instructions (I'm a woman, that is how we tackle problems). Then I lined up all the tools we needed and got to work.

The most important thing I can emphasize here is to turn off the water! Once the water is turned off, you can tackle taking out the old faucet and work your way through the process of installing the new.

It is so helpful to have an extra set of hands here...while you are stuck under the sink, you are going to want to make sure things are lined up and held in position above the sink. (Thanks P!)

Our new faucet is the Starck HighArc Faucet from the Axor Collection by Hansgrohe. It is a great spout, with a very direct stream--spoons beware, this faucet can shoot the water off of a spoon and right out of the sink! The spray function is great, and I love that the hose extends far enough to fill pots, vases, etc., without having to lift them in and out of the sink.

The Starck HighArc Faucet from the Axor Collection by Hansgrohe

The best thing about our faucet is the way it looks. The line blends seamlessly with those of the cabinet hardware in the sink and the stainless finish blends nicely with the appliances and pulls. Though I think we would have been happy with the chrome finish as well, I think the stainless feels a bit warmer and blends nicely with the pieces of the kitchen that we aren't in a position to change, without feeling overly modern for the space.

The new faucet in action!

What do you think? Have you ever made any minor plumbing changes in your home or do you leave it to the professionals?

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  1. I'm married to a professional. I describe the functions I want and the finish I desire. The rest is up to him!