Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend DIY: Quote Canvas

Have you seen the canvases that perfectly capture your favorite quote, scripture or song lyric? I love them. I think they are the perfect opportunity to give yourself a little reminder and perhaps inspiration.

The reminder can be anything. Some favorites:

As we are wedding planning now, I love the idea of having your vows framed!

As seen on Blue Eyed Bride's Instagram feed, I love this religion-themed canvas.

A sweet little reminder, from The Lion & The Lark's Etsy page.
Feeling like you want to try your hand at making one for your home? Go for it they are easy! Here's a look at the one we made for our new living room!

And if you love them, but aren't willing to brave the painting task alone, I found these lovelies by Evelyn Hensen -- link goes to my fave print, but search around she does good work! I am even thinking about adding one to my collection soon!

Are there any quotes that you love, that would serve as a good reminder to have hanging on your wall? Do you have any quote canvases around already?

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  1. Oh, this is a great compromise! I wanted a text border in the study, but the Knight pitched a fit... never mind that I have horrible handwriting and can't paint a lick...