Friday, July 18, 2014

M Boys Custom Vanity

Custom is a word we use quite frequently in my line of work. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to scare clients a bit, but customizing is really a good thing. I often suggest that we at least price out the custom option to see if it is our best option before we single it out completely, and in most cases clients are pleasantly surprised.

One of the first drawings of the piece,
the dimensions eventually became 33"x21"x34.5".

The benefits of custom are vast. You can get exactly what you are looking for and something that is uniquely yours. You get to pick each element that will add up to the whole from size and style down to finish stain or color.

Finish Swatch from Omega Cabinetry.

There are a set of standard options that we have with bathroom cabinetry. We have a set of standard door style, standard styles, standard finishes and some companies even give us the options for different feet or bases. Beyond these set of standard options we will jump into custom.

The process for custom is really just determining your needs for the space and then what you like. If you need a specific non-standard size, then you are automatically pushed into custom.

Final product.

Drawer-style vanities are still fairly new. They are a great option because drawers offer more ability to have organized storage within the space that an open style box cabinet would have normally been positioned.

For the M family, organization was key and so we went with a drawer style piece. The top drawer is a false drawer (with sink behind) and the middle and lower drawers are cut to allow for the plumbing, this is the case in most drawer-style vanities.

We used a simple shaker-style drawer and added a decorative valance base with recessed toe kick behind to prevent dust/dirt from filling the space beneath. Then we decided to paint the vanity a color called Blue Lagoon, think of a deep navy blue.

For their space, it is pretty functional and adds a bold style and pop to their hall bath. Have you ever considered custom cabinetry in your home? Want to see more of the M family boys' bathroom? Take a look at our earlier reveal post here.

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  1. I love it. Might have to steal the color for the Knight's vanity, which DESPERATELY needs something different in color.