Tuesday, July 1, 2014

M Family Boys Bathroom

I have been working on the M family bathroom for quite some time! I started working with them in the fall on their boys' bathroom first. The family has three teenage boys -- one who is now graduated from high school! -- and the bathroom was tired and ready for a renovation.

These boys are, well, teenage boys. I hate to say typical, but ... we needed to create a space where they could clean up from sports and get ready in the morning; a space that was clean and classic to go with the style of their older home, yet something that would last with three teenagers running around, all while nodding to the fact that this is a space for young men.

Here is a look at what we put together:

Though the colors aren't well represented in this photo, it gives a good sense
of the general configuration and how the space looks upon entering.

Opposite the vanity and toilet is the tub/shower.
The family opted to keep their uniquely shaped tub as it was original
 to the home and just have it re-glazed.
Glass shower door shows off the tile while keeping the room feeling more open.

A look at the back wall of the shower shows the space where the shower fixtures are placed.
With three tall -- and growing -- boys, we arched the shower-arm
to get the overhead shower as high as possible.

Here's a closer look at the niche that we kept on the back wall so the
boys' items would be hidden from view upon entering the space.
This image also gives a fairly good representation of the mix of blue's and grays in the penny tile.

Lastly, in a small space, where every inch counts, don't forget about the back of the door!
This photo also more accurately displays the soft gray wall color.

We kept the bathroom clean and classic with a white beveled subway tile surrounding the space. A penny tile is a classic detail that helps tie together the blues and grays used here. The vanity is a custom drawer style vanity that I designed for their space, with a simple shaker door in a color called blue lagoon (picture a deep navy blue). The vanity is simple and functional while making a big impact in this small hall bath space. With an updated square sink and pebble Caesarstone counter, the space is complete.

More details to come on that custom vanity and how it all came together for their space...I love how all of the carrera elements mix with the bold blues in the cabinetry and the penny tile and the sharp gray of the walls to cap it all off.

Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for more projects with the M family, hopefully wrapping up soon!

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  1. I love it! It's dark by my standards despite all the white, but I bet the Ms are ALL well-pleased. (The Knight would definitely approve.)