Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spaces We Love :: Scenic Retreats

Here we are, middle of July, and if you live in any of the more humid climates, you may be retreating indoors as much as some might be looking to hit their decks and porches.

For today's edition of lovely spaces, I want to put a focus on a scenic retreat by Sierra Sustainable Builders that really brings the outdoors in to give them an overwhelming presence within the space.

This stunning home, as featured on Home Adore, is filled with light, neutral tones, cozy textures and incredible views.

Nestled in Colorado Springs, Colorado, there is so much nature to take in, and lots to do. With views like this, you may just feel so inclined to get out and experience it! But on a day when the weather is too hot, or too cold (as it is in the winters in Colorado), it sure would be nice to have this scenic retreat to escape to.

For more information on this home, please visit the Home Adore post here, and check out Sierra Sustainable Builders here.

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  1. Oh that's stunning. I want!!!!! You know I love wood, wood and more wood.