Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend DIY :: Hanging our Gallery Wall

In the last Weekend DIY post, we talked about making our own quote canvas. This week we are putting that quote on the wall with other frames and things.

First things first, we measured up the space available. Once we did that we picked out the prints/pictures/frames that we wanted to use within the space. 

Here is a look at the planning:

Taped out the frames where they would hang. 

Planned out the frame arrangements on the floor for the left side for the big print.

Planned out the frame arrangements on the floor for the big print's right side.
The large piece in the middle is just that: very large. I was fairly nervous about the weight being well supported, so I tried anchoring it with a heavy duty screw/anchor combo. However, this is a shared wall between our unit and the neighbors, so I could only drill in so far before coming to a halt. 

I'm sure that if I had some sort of heavy duty drill with some heavy duty drill bit, I could make it happen, but instead we opted for plan b.

We used Command Velcro hanging strips by 3M, following the weight limitations with an overcautious perspective, and were successfully able to mount everything, including the large print. I weighed everything to triple check that we were okay with the mounting strips we applied for each.

I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised with how well these strips work. We have had the gallery wall up for about 4-6 weeks and have had no issues. The nicest thing about using these strips is everything is flush to the wall. There is no gapping, and it is almost impossible to bump the frames and knock them loose.

Here is a look at the final product:

Have you attempted any gallery wall projects in your home? I think they make for a great focal point, something to add a little bit of visual interest in your space and act as a good conversation starter for get togethers.

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  1. Huh. I'll have to do that when we repaint the great room, where the "tall wall" features family photos from about 4' up.