Thursday, August 28, 2014

Currently in the Works :: Carrera Wonderland Bathroom Suite

This bathroom is a dream project. The space is good, the materials we are using are amazing, the contractor is meticulous in the details and the client is a doll.

I stopped by the job-site towards the end of last week to hammer out some details, and the space is really starting to take shape.

Here's a look at the shower plans:

And a look at the progress:

I'm excited to see the space get finished up, and see all the details come together!
PS. This bathroom is getting a custom vanity too! (So excited!)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Currently in the Works :: Our Closet

When P & I decided to settle into a modest (read small) one bedroom condo in Jersey City, one of the first things we said we'd do (before we even closed on the place) was upgrade the closet space.

Our bedroom as it was on closing before any work was done.

You see, we live in a beautiful pre-war building, in a great little section of JC that has been said to be "up and coming." The main down side to such an old space is that it has such pre-war sized closets. I will mention that we are at least fortunate to have two closets in the unit, but really with two wardrobes, cleaning supplies, etc., two modest (again, read small) closets really won't do to keep things organized an in order.

Our existing closet, now emptied.

The problem:
Our bedroom is 11'x13 feet. The existing bedroom closet is approximately 30"x30" give or take, which is not part of the 11'x13' room space. The existing hanging rod is low enough that you can't really hand an additional rack below it without having clothes run into each other and the floor. Basically, it isn't functional for us in this space.

Our clothes, as they now reside on a portable clothing rack.

The Plan:
We are going to take 2' away from the 13' stretch of the room, and frame out a closet that will span the entire 11' of the wall. It will also have access to the existing closet from inside for additional usable storage.

There are two key points to the plan:
1. Use all available vertical space. We have beautifully tall pre-war ceiling heights which extend to 9'. We have ordered cabinetry that will go at the top of the wall (think kitchen cabinets above your fridge) and span the entire 11' as well, creating a great space for pieces we don't use on a day to day basis, such as camping gear, holiday decor, and off season clothing.

The IKEA system we are using found here.
2. Organization, organization, organization. After much back and forth, we opted to go with an IKEA closet system. I poured over the dimensions and options to come up with a configuration that will amplify our storage and organization abilities in the main closet space underneath the cabinets. The best thing about going with a system is the versatility that as our needs change, we can adjust what pieces we use, and where they are positioned to make the most of our closet.

The Time-frame:
Though we had initially planned to do these renovations while we were away for our wedding, we were given the opportunity to start early and have jumped on it. I anticipate having a fully renovated and functional closet to share in a week or two!

The proposed closet elevation. (Look at all those shelves & hanging space-eeee!!)

Do you have a space in your house that could benefit from using the available vertical space, or one that could be re-organized in a way to fit your needs better?

We are so excited to be able to do this reno within our new home, and can't wait for all the benefits (and STORAGE!) that will come along with it's completion!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation Monday :: Celebrate!

In case you had a hard time getting out of bed this lovely Monday morning, remember to take a minute to get out of that Monday funk. 

Take five minutes, and dance like nobody is watching... or maybe just go dance in the bathroom for a minute where really nobody will be watching. Shake off those Monday blues, and then re-start today like it's your birthday!

Happy Monday!!