Thursday, October 16, 2014

Get a Glowing Review on your Lighting

Though I have mentioned how important your lighting is, I will mention it again! Lighting is not only important for providing illumination, but it is also important to add style and potentially a focal point.

Vintage Sputnik light featured in this entryway by Shirley Meisels.

Let's look at entryway lighting. This is the space people enter upon first setting foot in your home. This space shows your guest the style of the space they are walking into, and it should be a representation of your style and your home. I have touched before on layering your lighting, which is also very important, but in an area like your entrance, I want to talk about the visual impact of the fixtures themselves.

Osgood Pendant by Arteriors featured in this entryway by Heather Garrett Design.

For your entrance, your dining room or even your master bedroom, it is good to find a fixture that really shows off your style and the style you are creating within your home. You want a fixture that makes an impact as part of your decor -- something that is as visually appealing as it is functional.

Think of lighting your home as how you would accessorize your wardrobe.
If you want to add a little glamour, add something with some crystals to catch the light and your eye:

The Danieli Chandelier by Neirmann Weeks adds sophistication
in a look that can swing from traditional to transitional spaces,
featured in 
this room by Norris Architrecture.

A modern twist on a classic crystal chandelier, the Linear Strand Crystal Chandelier makes a stunning focal point. As photographed in this room by Heather Merenda.

If you are looking to achieve a more structured look, choose something geometric:
This pendant by Husdon Valley, adds a multi-layered geometric feeling with cylindrical arms and a large square crystal shade,this fixture offers a unique look. 

If you want something that represents a more natural and organic shape, look for something like this:
A nature inspired light fixture is stunning as displayed
this dining area as designed by D'Apostrophe.

Let your lighting being a conversation starter by selecting a piece that will draw people in.

This sculptural fixture, LZF by 2Modern, is a true work of art.
It appears to be almost floating in 
this dining room
designed by 
Shirley Parks Design.

However you dress it, make the space a representation of you, and make it shine! Have fun with the lighting -- just because it is necessary, doesn't mean it has to be bland.

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