Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Blues

Mother Nature has long been my favorite source of inspiration. It's my strong belief that if you are having a hard time putting together colors or mixing patterns or textures, look outside!

Nature is beautiful.

Here is a glimpse at this winter blue color scheme based of a teeth-chatteringly cold photo shoot in the backyard.

Do you have the winter blues? 

All specified colors are Benjamin Moore. This is not a sponsored post.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Inspiration

With the frigid winter that we have had, and more names for the storms and the cold than I can recount here, this winter sure has been full of some stunning displays of nature.

Last winter we had quite the storm up in Connecticut that kept us snowed in for 3 days. Though we did get out to take a beautiful walk in between some long hours of shoveling.

I snapped a shot of the sunset over the bridge in our local town, and to this day the colors in it inspire me. Last winter I posted a color scheme inspired from this photo, and I am still in love with the soft and mellow tones of winter.

Look for more inspiring colors next week from this winter's incredible landscapes. The one thing I can say about this winter is that it sure has been beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day loves, go snuggle up with someone you love and keep warm!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Great Wall of Shelving

Built-in units are a great way to add storage to your home -- but they can also add an issue of how to keep them visually appealing and not looking cluttered.

I love the idea of sneaking in shelving around the doorway.

First of all use the hidden space for kids toys, electronics, DVDs and other things that you want hide when company comes over.

Use the open shelving for framed family photos, candles, -- just for looks, do not light them while they are on the shelves -- colorful vases and books.

Check out this incredible attic-studio space with maximum storage,
as featured on Apartment Therapy.

You will have to play around with the arrangements to see what works best for you. This is an area you will have to work to fill over time. Add good books as you read them and decide you want to keep them for your collection. Lean prints up against voided spaces to fill them in.

These built-ins are beautifully painted and beautifully styled.

Nothing is permanent here! Move things around and change them out for the different seasons or for the holidays.

Use this space to keep yourself organized while adding something really beautiful to your space.

I love this beautiful little library built-in at the top of the stairs.
Such a great place to add some extra storage!

If you have been considering adding built-in units to a niche in your home, maybe to flank the fireplace or add storage in the family room or playroom or use them as a way to create storage in a space that is particularly tight,  built-in units beautifully combine form and function to give you a great add-on to your bare walls!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Great Wall of Galleries

Gallery walls are a great way to fill the space, while creating not only a great focal point, but they can really pack some punch in the visual interest category too!

This artsy gallery wall is bold and striking. I love it.

I love the idea of adding different elements to your gallery wall. They do not all need to be the same type of framed painting, photo, etc., but can be a combination of these things.

Why not include some larger art (prints and paintings), mixed in with personal and scenic photos, but don't forget to add quotes and sculptural elements as well!

I know what you are thinking... "How can I mix all of these elements without creating a chaotic feature?"

You are right, if you go too crazy with this, it will be complete chaos! So include the different elements to create a multi dimensional feature, while keeping some underlying theme.

French Inspired Gallery Wall by Colleen of Two Delighted.

An example: Blue. Blue is an accent color in the room we are adding the gallery wall.
So we take print that is overwhelmingly blue. We have a great map that is overwhelmingly blue, you may find a print that just uses a lot of blue line or shading in it, it doesn't have to be all blue just make sure it is there to pull it together.
Choose a favorite line drawing or ink work (could even be one of your own doodles) something with more organic lines, and if it isn't done in blue, than get it framed with a touch of your blue in the matting.
Pick some of those scenic shots you took during your waterfront getaway last summer, and print a few favorites in some different sizes.
Mix in one or two of you and your honey.
Add a wooden letter-your last initial, or add a few wooden letters to spell out an important word for your life or your family. Maybe it's "love" or "family" and paint the wooden letters blue. Rough 'em up a little if you want to add more character.

If you are nervous about positioning, frame it out to better visualize before you install.

Put all of these elements together, and you are going to create a stunning feature wall. There will be a lot of different elements at play, but chaos will not be what you see, you will see a stunning visual display, that not only adds to your blue accent, but makes it.

Need help planning your gallery wall? Let us know! Contact us by clicking on the envelope in the upper right hand corner or leave a comment with your question and a way to contact you back. Remember, we are here to help :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Party Central for Super Bowl Sunday

Are you hosting friends and family at your place for Super Bowl Sunday?
If you are, then let's talk about some fun ways to get everything set up.

When it comes to cleaning don't sweat the small stuff.. you don't need to scrub every square inch of your home, a general once over will do, and make sure to get your housemates to join in on the work--after all, they helped create the mess, so they should help clean it up!

Focus your energy on the food, and the festivities.

Check out this great post on Kid Friendly Football Parties on the Itsy Belle blog.

A while back--think early 2000's--I used to attend a Super Bowl party where there was always a chili cook off contest. The host prepared their "famous" recipe, and a handful of guests would bring theirs as well, the guests would bring them in crock pots, so that they could all be set up and numbered on the island in the kitchen for tastings. Throughout the day, attendees will taste, and drop the number of their favorite in a box on the end. After the game ended, the votes were tallied up and the winner got to take home the trophy! But they had to bring it back the next year.

A chili spread we did a while back. It's a crowd favorite, you can't go wrong!

I love this idea of getting your company involved in a fun game during the game. And it doesn't take away from the main event either, as everyone will eat throughout the game anyway. Think of a dish, maybe it is an entree, could be an appetizer, could be a dessert. and then have a little contest!

Not only does this add an element of competitiveness to the party, but it also takes a lot of the pressure off of you to make all of the food!

For the decor, have you seen the Tassel Garlands floating around on pinterest and the blogosphere? You can easily DIY them in the team colors of the teams that will be playing this weekend, and drape them around the party space!

Check out these cute tassels & see how you can make your own on Wedding Obsession.

This adds fun, and color to the event, while giving a look almost like that of the cheerleader's pom poms! So fun!!

What are you planning for the main event this Sunday? Do you attend any fun Super Bowl parties with good themes?

Have fun this weekend, and be safe!