Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend DIY: Quote Canvas

Have you seen the canvases that perfectly capture your favorite quote, scripture or song lyric? I love them. I think they are the perfect opportunity to give yourself a little reminder and perhaps inspiration.

The reminder can be anything. Some favorites:

As we are wedding planning now, I love the idea of having your vows framed!

As seen on Blue Eyed Bride's Instagram feed, I love this religion-themed canvas.

A sweet little reminder, from The Lion & The Lark's Etsy page.
Feeling like you want to try your hand at making one for your home? Go for it they are easy! Here's a look at the one we made for our new living room!

And if you love them, but aren't willing to brave the painting task alone, I found these lovelies by Evelyn Hensen -- link goes to my fave print, but search around she does good work! I am even thinking about adding one to my collection soon!

Are there any quotes that you love, that would serve as a good reminder to have hanging on your wall? Do you have any quote canvases around already?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spaces We Love :: Beachy Keen Entryway

It has been quite some time since we have posted any Lovely Spaces, but it is time to bring them back, these spaces are just too good looking not to talk about! And Wednesday (hump day) is the perfect time to see a dreamy space to help get us through the rest of the week!

Spaces that strike us as just being really well put together, whether they are simple or ornate, colorfully bold or naturally neutral, if they catch our eye, we are pinning them to our Pinterest here, and reviewing them here on the blog!

Today, I wanted to take a look at this beachy keen entryway.

Brick-clad entry way as featured on the House & Home blog here.

My immediate reaction is that it is an airy and beautiful space. Things I love:
The washed woods feel cozy and like they have been sitting out in the salty air forever.
The brick pattern on the floor with diamond inlay helps direct the movement of the space.
The art on the wall is perfectly clustered into a gallery to give you something happy to glance at as you come and go.
The bench is the perfect place to sit and take on or off your shoes, but the pillows give it such coziness.

Beachy spaces are often filled with cool blues, greens, whites and neutrals that they can often feel cold. But this space exudes warmth down to the khaki painted ship-lap paneling surrounding the walls.

What a lovely space to come home to!

Is there any one particular thing you see in this space that you love? Share your favorite spaces with us by sending them to designsbykrystle (at) gmail (dot) com, or leave a comment below.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner and for those of you, that like me, have been to busy to consider your options, let me help you run through seven smart and safe options for any dad!

For the dad that travels: 1. Scratch off Map found here; 2.Saddle Leather Passport Holder found here.
For the dad that grills: 3. Steam Cleaning Grill Brush found here.
For the dad with the sweet tooth: 4. Lil Luna's Candy Jars are perfect-check them out here.
For the dad that loves the ballpark: 5. Baseball Fan Man Crate found here; and check for other great Man Crates here.
For the dad that loves to Tailgate (or camp or hike): 6. Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair found here.
For the dad that enjoys the ambiance of a toasty fire: 7. Crossfire 29" Round Fire Pit found here.

What do you think? Does your dad fall into one of these categories? Or maybe you need to help your kiddos find something for their daddy?

Good Luck, and happy father's day to all the dads out there!

PS, for some great DIY's and Father's Day photo ideas, search "Father's Day Gifts" on Pinterest!