Thursday, July 31, 2014

Material Things :: Painted Brick

Brick is a building material that often gets mixed reviews. Some love it, some hate it. And some paint it.

Here are some of my favorite images of painted brick... would you (or have you) painted any brick in your homes? 

This brick house (found here) is painted a mid-tone grey with black and white accents.

These bricks have been lime-washed, softening the bold red of a traditional brick
while keeping great visual texture. See more of this home here.

This rich black wall adds impact to this space, while balancing
out the other warm tones in the room. (More black & pink here.)

This aged painted white brick (found here) offers the perfect shabby-chic backdrop for any dinner party.

Are you a fan of the painted brick? What colors have you seen that you loved or could live without?

Friday, July 18, 2014

M Boys Custom Vanity

Custom is a word we use quite frequently in my line of work. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to scare clients a bit, but customizing is really a good thing. I often suggest that we at least price out the custom option to see if it is our best option before we single it out completely, and in most cases clients are pleasantly surprised.

One of the first drawings of the piece,
the dimensions eventually became 33"x21"x34.5".

The benefits of custom are vast. You can get exactly what you are looking for and something that is uniquely yours. You get to pick each element that will add up to the whole from size and style down to finish stain or color.

Finish Swatch from Omega Cabinetry.

There are a set of standard options that we have with bathroom cabinetry. We have a set of standard door style, standard styles, standard finishes and some companies even give us the options for different feet or bases. Beyond these set of standard options we will jump into custom.

The process for custom is really just determining your needs for the space and then what you like. If you need a specific non-standard size, then you are automatically pushed into custom.

Final product.

Drawer-style vanities are still fairly new. They are a great option because drawers offer more ability to have organized storage within the space that an open style box cabinet would have normally been positioned.

For the M family, organization was key and so we went with a drawer style piece. The top drawer is a false drawer (with sink behind) and the middle and lower drawers are cut to allow for the plumbing, this is the case in most drawer-style vanities.

We used a simple shaker-style drawer and added a decorative valance base with recessed toe kick behind to prevent dust/dirt from filling the space beneath. Then we decided to paint the vanity a color called Blue Lagoon, think of a deep navy blue.

For their space, it is pretty functional and adds a bold style and pop to their hall bath. Have you ever considered custom cabinetry in your home? Want to see more of the M family boys' bathroom? Take a look at our earlier reveal post here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spaces We Love :: Scenic Retreats

Here we are, middle of July, and if you live in any of the more humid climates, you may be retreating indoors as much as some might be looking to hit their decks and porches.

For today's edition of lovely spaces, I want to put a focus on a scenic retreat by Sierra Sustainable Builders that really brings the outdoors in to give them an overwhelming presence within the space.

This stunning home, as featured on Home Adore, is filled with light, neutral tones, cozy textures and incredible views.

Nestled in Colorado Springs, Colorado, there is so much nature to take in, and lots to do. With views like this, you may just feel so inclined to get out and experience it! But on a day when the weather is too hot, or too cold (as it is in the winters in Colorado), it sure would be nice to have this scenic retreat to escape to.

For more information on this home, please visit the Home Adore post here, and check out Sierra Sustainable Builders here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend DIY :: Hanging our Gallery Wall

In the last Weekend DIY post, we talked about making our own quote canvas. This week we are putting that quote on the wall with other frames and things.

First things first, we measured up the space available. Once we did that we picked out the prints/pictures/frames that we wanted to use within the space. 

Here is a look at the planning:

Taped out the frames where they would hang. 

Planned out the frame arrangements on the floor for the left side for the big print.

Planned out the frame arrangements on the floor for the big print's right side.
The large piece in the middle is just that: very large. I was fairly nervous about the weight being well supported, so I tried anchoring it with a heavy duty screw/anchor combo. However, this is a shared wall between our unit and the neighbors, so I could only drill in so far before coming to a halt. 

I'm sure that if I had some sort of heavy duty drill with some heavy duty drill bit, I could make it happen, but instead we opted for plan b.

We used Command Velcro hanging strips by 3M, following the weight limitations with an overcautious perspective, and were successfully able to mount everything, including the large print. I weighed everything to triple check that we were okay with the mounting strips we applied for each.

I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised with how well these strips work. We have had the gallery wall up for about 4-6 weeks and have had no issues. The nicest thing about using these strips is everything is flush to the wall. There is no gapping, and it is almost impossible to bump the frames and knock them loose.

Here is a look at the final product:

Have you attempted any gallery wall projects in your home? I think they make for a great focal point, something to add a little bit of visual interest in your space and act as a good conversation starter for get togethers.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Spaces We Love :: 4th of July Edition

Happy Independence Day, 'Merica! Today of all days we wanted to share some great outdoor spaces that are perfectly patriotic.

Love the nautical red white & blue touches with the addition of the
hanging wooden painted flag found on Home Stories A to Z.

What I love about this space is the architecture. This space makes for beautiful outdoor entertaining year round.
Throw up some flag banners, and you have a great space to carry you from
Memorial Day to Flag Day to the Fourth of July! Found here on Old Sweet Water Cottage.

Striking waterfront seating in teak woods and navy blues is another great summer entertaining scheme.
Add a few star-spangled pillows and you have a great space for the holiday. Found here on Pottery Barn.

As above this scenic space turns patriotic with the American Flag pillows as well as some classic
red & blue bandana prints and American Flag pennant banner. Also found here on Pottery Barn.

How do you spend this day? I love that this year it is on a Friday so we get a nice long weekend to soak up and celebrate our freedom. We are so thankful to those who serve for our country to protect us and keep us free. They give so much!

What is your favorite way to celebrate this holiday, our freedom and our soldiers? Happy Fourth!! Stay safe.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

M Family Boys Bathroom

I have been working on the M family bathroom for quite some time! I started working with them in the fall on their boys' bathroom first. The family has three teenage boys -- one who is now graduated from high school! -- and the bathroom was tired and ready for a renovation.

These boys are, well, teenage boys. I hate to say typical, but ... we needed to create a space where they could clean up from sports and get ready in the morning; a space that was clean and classic to go with the style of their older home, yet something that would last with three teenagers running around, all while nodding to the fact that this is a space for young men.

Here is a look at what we put together:

Though the colors aren't well represented in this photo, it gives a good sense
of the general configuration and how the space looks upon entering.

Opposite the vanity and toilet is the tub/shower.
The family opted to keep their uniquely shaped tub as it was original
 to the home and just have it re-glazed.
Glass shower door shows off the tile while keeping the room feeling more open.

A look at the back wall of the shower shows the space where the shower fixtures are placed.
With three tall -- and growing -- boys, we arched the shower-arm
to get the overhead shower as high as possible.

Here's a closer look at the niche that we kept on the back wall so the
boys' items would be hidden from view upon entering the space.
This image also gives a fairly good representation of the mix of blue's and grays in the penny tile.

Lastly, in a small space, where every inch counts, don't forget about the back of the door!
This photo also more accurately displays the soft gray wall color.

We kept the bathroom clean and classic with a white beveled subway tile surrounding the space. A penny tile is a classic detail that helps tie together the blues and grays used here. The vanity is a custom drawer style vanity that I designed for their space, with a simple shaker door in a color called blue lagoon (picture a deep navy blue). The vanity is simple and functional while making a big impact in this small hall bath space. With an updated square sink and pebble Caesarstone counter, the space is complete.

More details to come on that custom vanity and how it all came together for their space...I love how all of the carrera elements mix with the bold blues in the cabinetry and the penny tile and the sharp gray of the walls to cap it all off.

Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for more projects with the M family, hopefully wrapping up soon!