Some satisfied customers:

"Krystle is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, her eye for design, color and attention to detail gave us a bathroom that is not only functional, but a true work of art.
Her drawings and specification sheets were so well done, our contractor commented on how easy it made his job.
I will not hesitate to call on her for any future renovations to our home."

"I recently bought a new house, and while I love it, I needed some help to really make it my own.  I was at a loss, and Krystle has been invaluable   We started with paint colours; she gave me ideas of how to figure out what I really liked and wanted.  On my own, I'd have painted everything beige, because I'm afraid to take a leap of faith.  With Krystle's guidance I was able to pick out colours that coordinate and flow throughout the house (which currently feels really disjointed and chopped up) but still have variety and feel like "home" to me.  She made suggestions based on the pictures I had shown her, and I chose colours that I never would have thought of on my own but really love!  

I also need to get new furniture, and I'm not great at visualizing how things fit together.  Without help, I'd choose something generic that came as a set and never be really happy with it.  Krystle has been able to suggest pieces and explain why she thought they'd work in the space I have - things I'd never thought to consider, like the back of the chair will be really visible and should have some visual interest too.  She's suggested various furniture layouts and is going to do drawings for me so that I can see how various options will work in my space before I make a significant investment in things that might not fit.  Things like where people will walk and how traffic will flow through the room are not things I had thought about previously.  Throughout, she's emailed me links to websites to get my thoughts and impressions, always coming up with ideas for unique and interesting pieces that I'd never have found on my own.  

Krystle has made the whole process easy and fun.  I'm not nearly as intimidated as I was to begin with, and I'm starting to learn what things to look for, what to consider when making these decisions.  I'm so excited to turn my new house into a home that's uniquely "me" and that I'll love for a long, long time!"

"I hired Krystle to help me out choosing colors for my house and rearranging the contents of my living room.  While I had some ideas, I needed some consultation to help refine and adjust them to the optimal choices.  I can honestly say the house has never looked better.
Krystle did a superb job of explaining why her design choices make sense, taking me just slightly outside my original comfort zone logically and most successfully.  She took the time to discover my style and then made suggestions that worked for me, providing an informed, personal set of recommendations that look great.  She’s a delight to work with, and I highly recommend her work."

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