Reimagining the Desktop Music Player

Location, Location, Location

November 24, 2020


Design Challenge

Reimagining the Desktop Music Player

Redesigning a product that's used billions of times each day.

"Design Hint... Design a music player. Consider the controls, placements, imagery such as the artist or album cover, etc. Also, consider the device type that's playing the music. A dashboard in a tour bus, a smartwatch, or via a web browser. Each device type will have different requirements, features, and restrictions to consider." -- Daily UI Challenge

Design focus -- location, minimalism, ease of use

For this challenge, I reimagined a music player that lives in the sidebar of a web browser, just like the browser's bookmarks and browsing history. No need to open a new tab or split your computer screen to login, play music, or manage your music streaming account.

Left: Version 1 of the music player, created in late 2020; Right: Version 2 of the music player, created in early 2022

How to navigate the music player

To use the app, click the music icon in top right corner of the browser toolbar. Login, browse playlists, and play music regardless of the tab you're currently in. Done with the app? Simply click the X button to close the app and you're done.

The following Figma prototype shows how the music player opens and closes within the browser.